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Old Friends Make The Best Lovers

I hope it's okay that I post this here as a link to my lj. I checked the rules and there wasn't one against it...unless I missed it.

Title: Old Friends Make The Best Lovers
Author: angelus2hot
Rating: NC-17 (VERY NC-17)
Word Count: 5,108
Pairings: John/Buffy, Angel/Buffy
Warnings: Contains daddy!kink if this squicks you don't read.
Summary: An old friend stops by for a visit. Smut ensues. A BtVS/Supernatural crossover.
A/N: Written for the Number Game @W&B. My prompts were: Angel, Buffy, John Winchester, LA, anger, five years ago, bdsm, folk music
Disclaimer: Not mine. I wish. John belongs to Kripke and Buffy belongs to Whedon.

Old Friends Make The Best Lovers @ my lj
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